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Meet the Webmasters

Melisus the Wee:

The completely computer incompetent one who doesn't know the answer to her own mystery of how she's managed to make this work.  A moderator in Sean Biggerstaff's chat room and a frequent member of his message board, Melisus was drawn to his site out of curiosity towards the actor who played her favourite character from the series.  Melisus also is an administrator on her friend, Dom's RPG board, as well as a fanfiction writer.


Random is an active member of Sean Biggerstaff's message board. She is also a moderator in her chatroom. She had no real involvement in the launching of the website and so, most of the credit should be given to Melisus. However, she will continue to fight for Quidditch alongside her good friend Melisus. In her own words, "It's for the good of Harry Potter!"

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